depending on the lighting conditions at the scene. arrangement the light.

place the prisms in the window, show the essence of the light.

To seek the light "in adversity"

The old house, shabby and rough as it was, went through some hardships in the last century. But it still carries the memory of generations. In order to preserve the internal memory of the house while injecting new vitality, the architects retained the original atmosphere of the building, and sought to find a breakthrough the interior renovation to bring light into the previously dark space, just as hope and light were injected into difficult times……

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Photography: Rock Church, Helsinki

Burrow for notation, play for god

As one of the five Nordic countries, Finland has a special national culture, low profiled and introverted. The combination of Sisu spirit and Finnish design has created many Finnish myths. Unlike other churches based on brick and stone or wood structures, rock church is unique in the local area and even in the world……

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