The Revitalization of the Tobacco Factor——Benjakitti Forest Park

I don’t remember which gate I used to enter the park, but I recall a security guard sleeping in a chair under a tree near the entrance. The weather was incredibly oppressive, so I sought out a stone bench to rest on. A group of crows was flying around nearby. I noticed white spots on the ground, fearing they might be bird droppings, and decided it was better to change my spot. During my trip, every time I returned to the hotel, I hoped for a heavy rain at night, hoping it would make the next day more pleasant. At least the air wouldn’t be so humid, and the photos I took would look clearer. However, I didn’t experience a single rainfall, despite the weather forecast promising rain each day. This made my photos increasingly gray. Perhaps due to the constant sun exposure, some of the vegetation looked rather wilted, with many plants showing signs of sunburn. Generally, not many people would be wandering around the outdoor park before 4 PM

The aerial walkways within the park interconnect various segmented areas, strengthening connections with surrounding urban communities. This reduces human intrusion and disturbance to nature while also adding spatial dimensions, enhancing the experiential pleasure.

During weekends, the park tends to attract more people who sit, lie down, and appear extremely relaxed. There’s no pretense of socialite elegance. Different states of behavior naturally segregate individuals, scattered across the lawn. It evokes memories of《A Sunday Afternoon on the Ile de la Grande Jatte》.However, the scene here carries a sense of dynamic stillness. Perhaps the overall environment here moves at a slower pace, much like driving in Bangkok (excluding motorcycles); no matter how congested the roads, I’ve hardly ever heard a honk.

I’m not sure if the trees are still alive, but I really like it

Some factories have been transformed into sports venues, further enhancing the connection between the park and the surrounding community. This has improved the residents’ quality of life.